What makes the best military watch is quite different from what makes other watches. To own a watch that can watch over you and your assignment during field operations, you should know that they are designed with unique features. A military watch is not just a watch but a timepiece that understands military terms and operations. Development of timepiece today include perfections in diverse unique features such as anti-magnetism, automatic winding system, waterproof casing, shock resistance, everlasting battery life etc. which defines today’s military wristwatch. And today military men enjoy large face watches more due to clarity and quick glance of time. A normal dress watch cannot be compared to what a tactical watch can do as it perform it duty effectively in circumstances of life or death proving its usefulness for either a civilian or a military man.

Therefore if you want to explore more by planning to shop for the best watch brands for tactical purposes, we will guide you to make the right decision. There are different watch brands that offer unique military wristwatch, and on this article we will go as far as sharing with you reviews from different watch brands and how you can pick them at affordable prices. Most people find it difficult searching and shopping for watches because of their budget, but today you can shop for best watch brands under 1000, as well as best watches under 500 and below. But the rule of thumb is that you should always plan for your shopping so you won’t end up wiping off your accounts.

Reviews of Best Military Watch for men

Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas Band

Best Military WatchJoin us as we introduce military wristwatch from one of the best watch brands (Citizens) which will set you going on your first tactical operations. Citizen Men’s military green watch is carefully design to function just like other top rated tactical watches for operations. There are quite elegant, attractive to the eyes and ready to handle its task just fine. It is fully equipped with the world latest watch technologies to carry out duties effectively. They sure look casual with Eco-Drive Solar-powered technology feature, with the ability to prevent over charging. The chronograph features 24 hours, 60 minutes and continuous second sundials. Luminous Arabic numbering, glossy orange Arabic numbers at the inner24hour track. Brushed black-ion-plated stainless steel round case, Textured black-ion-plated steel crown, Polished black-ion-plated steel selector buttons, Stainless steel screw-down caseback, Mineral crystal, 100 meters/330 feet water resistant are some of the features that makes up this highly complimented military timepiece.

Summary features of Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas Band

  • Protective mineral glass window
  • Water resistance up to 330 feet
  • Analog display
  • Japanese quartz movements

Citizen Eco-Drive Avion Three-Hand Canvas – Khaki Men’s watch #AW1368-11X

As casual as it looks, yet ready to handle all your tactical operations at ease. Citizen Eco-Drive Avion is built to give break down on military operations and to affirm that every second that ticks is important to a military man, that’s why precision is what it, can do well. Imagine a military officer going to his operation without a wristwatch; that could be very dangerous as he might lose out when the operation is at its peak. That’s the reason Citizen decided to craft this unique yet casual timepiece to aid in critical times and to map every seconds move. It is design with a brain of its own and with the properties to ensure that it does not wear off or give inaccurate result. To list but a few the major features that makes this prestigious timepiece. Eco-Drive solar-powered technology is a feature integrated into this watch which store and supply endless power to the watch. also, there is an overcharging prevention features, Polished gunmetal-tone hands with luminous accents, Polished gunmetal-tone sweep seconds, Glossy black triangle marker at twelve o’clock, Glossy black Arabic numbers, Smaller orange Arabic numbers, Khaki canvas strap, Brushed black-ion-plated stainless steel round case with polished accents, Textured black-ion-plated steel crown, Stainless steel screw-down case back, Mineral crystal, water resistance of about 330 feet.

Summary feature of Citizen Eco-Drive Avion Three-Hand Canvas – Khaki Men’s watch #AW1368-11X

  • Quart movement
  • Casual and simple
  • Water resistance sports watch
  • Features 12/24 hour, or military, time telling format
  • Eco-Drive solar-powered technology
  • Khaki canvas strap

5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch

Still not found solution on the best tactical watch? if so this is a watch that should not pass you by when operations and field navigation is involved. This watch have a digital display system, and a Sure Shot ballistic calculator for field shooting adjustments with a Sophisticated point-of-impact shooting adjustments up to 1,000 yards. What you need do is to input the ballistic data which are the bore height, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, and zero range, and then add your environment data like temperature, altitude, range, etc. and automatically, sure shot will calculate shooting adjustment in MILS and SMOA. There are rugged and sturdy with a scratch resistance and glare free crystal face; and its water resistance up to 90’. This watch is known for its lightweight feature because of the titanium case housed and sturdy because of polycarbonate frame, ready to take all the punishment that comes it way. Audible alarm feature, 2 digital time zone display, Hourly chime; Countdown timer; Digital chronograph and Uni-directional bezel. This master timepiece offers you virtually everything you need to set your daily operations up and running.

Summary features of 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch

  • Digital display feature
  • Alarm and hourly chime, chronograph, day and date display
  • Sure shot ballistic calculator
  • High-density polycarbonate frame and polyurethane wrist band

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Types and Categories of Best Military Watch for Men

There are actually different types of military wristwatch depending on the mode and area of operations. Military watches are divided into three major categories and we will be reviewing them one after the other.

Field or general service watch – there are different tactical watches in this category to choose from as watches in this category are a bit cheap and maintenance cost is low. There are mostly designed for infantry as it main purpose is to keep accurate and synchronize time for maneuvers, from the first line to the control center. That’s why watches in this category are relatively low priced and low maintenance as well.

Dive Watches – when also giving considerations to the type of military watches to pick, also remember that diving watches are not to neglect. They are well design and for top tactical team officials and head of operations because of how well-built they are. Most marine troops and operations cannot do without military dive watches as they are waterproof and well-sealed for any task. So many people count this watch very necessary to be part of their collections. If dive watches are your favorites, do not get scared because of the price of military dive watches as there are so many other best dive watches for men from reputable brands that can serve your purpose.

Navigators Watch – When operations leave the surface to air or shores, you will agree with me that accuracy and precision is the key for survival. Therefore you need a super timepiece that can navigate through a wide coverage and as well maintain accurate movements. Also, pilots and their crews uses their tactical wristwatch to measure heights, keep to time and as well communicate with each other any time. These types of watches are mostly designed by top watch brands such as Citizens, Rolex, Invicta, Omega, Swiss Hamilton etc. giving you different designs, styles and functions. That is why Best Tactical Watch for Men is unique for tactical operations